Supernatural beings have occupied the world since the beginning of time, but their numbers have been dwindling steadily since the Industrial Revolution. Everywhere, science and technological progress push back against superstition, taking with it magic and the unexplained and the world of all which find their homes in the dark.

To curtail the spread of demons, the Undying Book was used to raise Veils around choke-points into the Underworld. This also had the side-effect of creating spaces where supernatural powers remain unfettered. These Veiltowns are the only place a monster can be fully themselves, and the creation of new ones ended just over a hundred years ago, when the Undying Book went missing.

The last Veil raised surrounds Terminus, a sprawling, crumbling city carved up by vampires, werewolves and wizards through endless turf wars. Twenty years ago, ancient vampire Alistair and alpha werewolf Victor Castle signed a truce to end the fighting between their powerful factions, and the wizards’ Conclave sealed it with their magic.

Now, that fragile truce is put at risk by the reemergence of the Undying Book, called the Codex Damnum by mundanes. Whoever has the Codex controls the rules of the city… but first they’ll need to find a sacrifice.

The Mortal City

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