The Mortal City

Day One

Scene 1

  • One high werewolf rampages through the River Styx while Kol, Nathanael Lehman and Martin Pratt are present. The werewolf attacks Avery St. James, and is shot by Steely Cate.

Scene 2

  • The heroes encounter Edgar Crease. All four follow the wounded werewolf into an alleyway. Nathanael shows Edgar a silver bullet, and the detective takes it and leaves.

Scene 3

  • They find the werewolf, who appears be touched by a demon. Kol turns the werewolf back into human form. While they argue over what to do with him, the demon takes over fully.

Scene 4

  • They are chased out of the alleyway by the werewolf pack coming to claim their brother. Edgar’s business card asks them to meet him tomorrow.

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