The oldest vampire in the city and their de facto leader. He was already blind when he came here a century ago; few know the story of how it happened.



Aliases: Real name unknown. He didn’t start using “Alistair” until he came to the city.
Species: Vampire
Physical Age: late 20’s – early 30’s
Chronological Age: 1000+


Gender: Male
Hair: Silver-grey, short, slightly curly, untidy
Eyes: Unknown
Height: 5’8"
Build: Lean, graceful, much stronger than he looks
Notable Features: Never seen without a large blindfold which covers nearly half of his face, usually white cloth. Always dresses in neutrals (black, white or grey). Has a faint accent of a hard-to-pin-down European origin.


Place of Birth: Rome, Italy
Ethnicity: Unknown
Family: Unknown, presumably deceased
Occupation: Lord of the Vampires, proprietor of Elysium Hotel
Allegiance: Alistair Clan


Alistair is the city’s undisputed Lord of the Vampires, although he’d demur to claim a title if you asked him. Alistair first arrived about a century ago, and spent a few decades challenging and killing the leaders of the most powerful clans until every vampire in the city swore allegiance to him. He is a figure of considerable mystery; all most people know about him is that he is blind, supposedly more than a millennium old, and used many different names before coming here.

Along with Victor Castle, Alistair was instrumental in establishing the current truce between vampires and werewolves. Although vampires have lost considerable influence in the last two decades, Alistair’s authority over them remains absolute. He is known to be fair but utterly ruthless in upholding his laws—the punishment for any crime which compromises the truce is death. He currently holds court from the grandiose Elysium Hotel in the Night Quarter.

Alistair possesses the Aletheia, also known as the Damned Diary, which is said to record thirteen confessions every year from the residents of the city. These confessions, sometimes prophetic, directly relate to the interests of the owner; Alistair’s chief priority is the protection of the city.


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