Down one pack and up one demon, this brash young werewolf has bitten off more than he can chew.



Full Name: Malik Bachan. He discarded all use of his surname after he was declared dead by his family.
Species: Werewolf (turned)
Physical Age: 20’s
Chronological Age: 24


Gender: Male
Hair: Black, almost shoulder-length
Eyes: Dark brown. Yellow-gold in werewolf form. Sometimes red due to demonic possession.
Height: 6’1"
Build: Muscular
Notable Features: About two dozen scars all over his body from werewolf dominance fights. All appear weeks old, except for a still-healing bullet wound in his stomach.


Place of Birth: Local
Ethnicity: Indo-Canadian
Family: father, mother, younger sister (all mundanes)
Occupation: Fugitive, former Castle pack member
Allegiance: None


As a mundane, Malik Bachan was fairly typical for a young twenty-something—handsome, athletic and well-liked, newly graduated from college and struggling to find his place in the world. Seven months ago, any choice about his future was taken out of his hands when he was bitten by a werewolf.

After a traumatizing first transformation, Malik learned of the existence of a shadow city within the city he’d grown up in, one inhabited by monsters and magic. He was welcomed by the Castle Pack, and given a job in the steel factory and lodgings in a dorm. His previous life no longer existed; the pack arranged it so his family believes him to be dead.

Although grateful to have the protection of the pack, Malik struggled to fit in. A month in, he befriended Tomas Rocha, a rebellious type who’d come from a more typical werewolf pack before joining up with Castle’s. Thanks to Tomas, Malik got involved with the weekly dominance fights which took place among the younger werewolves, and surprisingly made a name for himself as a good fighter. (These fights were frowned upon by Victor Castle, but given the size of the pack, there wasn’t much he could do to curb this behavior.)

Malik and Tomas were close friends with two others, Katya Volkova and Davey Blevins. Two weeks before the beginning of the story, the four were partying after work, and were each shot by a single silver bullet. Malik is now possessed by a demon, and wanted by the most powerful factions in the city.


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