Victor Castle

Alpha of the city's largest pack and CEO of Castle Steel. Under his leadership, garou evolved from petty gangs to respected big business.



Aliases: N/A
Species: Werewolf (born)
Physical Age: 50’s
Chronological Age: 76


Gender: Male
Hair: Black, some grey, short, slicked back
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6’2"
Build: Muscular
Notable Features:


Place of Birth: Local
Ethnicity: Unknown, appears mixed race
Family: Lupita (wife), Fallon (daughter)
Occupation: Alpha of largest werewolf pack in the city. CEO of Castle Steel and Manufacturing.
Allegiance: Castle Pack


Before Victor Castle, werewolves were known as biker gangs and small-time scrappers, vicious underdogs in the endless war against the city’s ruling vampires. Victor excelled in this world, and was the favoured son of his pack—literally, as he’d married the daughter of his alpha. But both Victor and Lupita Castle wanted more than a life of fighting. They sought to unify the packs, and under their direction, the werewolves took Tantalus Tower from the vampires. Victor then challenged Lupita’s father for dominance and won, becoming the next alpha of the biggest pack in the city.

Victor’s first act as alpha was to sign a truce with Alistair, the leader of the vampires. He spent the next twenty years of détente building Castle Steel and Manufacturing, and transforming his pack into a legitimate business. All members of his pack are given a job, room and board, and encouraged to work out their aggression through less violent means, like exercise or night classes. Attracted by either peace or the promise of a steady income, many werewolves left their packs to join Castle’s.

Roughly ten years ago, Lupita Castle left the city for unknown reasons and never returned. Their daughter, Fallon, took over as Victor’s business partner.

Victor Castle is now probably the most powerful man in the city, and still leads his pack from Tantalus Tower.

Victor Castle

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